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CTF-Crusade is a medium sized Unreal Tournament map with a castle theme. It has 3 layers of main paths stacked on top of each other. The first one goes underground, through sewers and other interesting and tight geometry, suitable for close quarters combat. The second path goes through the main streets, suitable for medium to long range weapons. The third path goes on top of the castle walls which equips players with a sniper rifle and send them into an epic sniper battle. All of the main paths have several connectors to the other main paths.



Development Time:

Team Size:


Unreal Engine 4

3 weeks

Solo Project


If you are not the most skilled sniper and want to take the safe, but a bit longer route, you can head underground into the sewers. There you will find the close range weapons Flak Cannon and Bio Rifle. The Shield Belt (150 Armor) is also located in the middle of the underground section to attract even more players.

If you are more into weapons with medium to long range, you can go through the main streets. If you take control of this section, it offers some armor and health packs. This is also the best section to have control over if you want to be able to traverse between all the main routes fast. There is a jump pad inside the middle house which leads you up to the castle walls and there is also sewer holes in the ground which can take you down to the underground section.

If you want to prove you are the best sniper around, you can head up to the castle walls. Up here, there is some health vials to increase your health, but it requires you to be out in the open. There’s limited view to the main streets and barely no view to the underground from here.