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Crate Spawning System

By using actors and triggers inside the map editor, I designed a crate spawning system. The crates are spawned around the map at random intervals. When you touch a crate, you will get a random weapon based on the quality of the crate. Lower quality crates contain lower quality weapons and will spawn more frequent. Higher quality crates contain higher quality weapons and spawn less frequent.

King of the hill

I also designed a king of the hill system on top of the roof of the little building in the middle of the map. Standing on top of the roof will give your team score over time. First team to 100 score wins!

Custom Skybox

I made my own skybox in a program called Terragen and exported/imported it for CS:GO. I have created an appreciated tutorial on how to do this over at the game development community “MapCore”. You can find that tutorial here: [Tutorial] Make your own skybox for CS:GO

I also made the 2D-plane tree line surrounding the map in Photoshop.

Playing with Light and fx