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Pick Your Potion

Pick your potion is a fantasy cooking game in VR, spiced with some gory ingredients and magic. Step into the shoes of the witch of the woods, to whom people of all sorts come to get help for their troubles. Your task is to brew a potion that can solve their problems. You have to find the recipes and prepare the ingredients in various ways in order to satisfy your customers before they have to leave. But be aware because it may not always be smart to serve a potion with garlic to a vampire!

Won “Best execution in Audio” and “Best technical Execution” at The Swedish Game Awards 2017.



Development Time:

Team Size:

Oculus Rift / HTC Vive

Unreal Engine 4

4 Weeks

4 x Designers
4 x 3D-Artists
2 x 2D-Artists

 My contributions

  • Designed the core gameplay loop
  • Sketched out a working floor plan
  • Designed the tutorial
  • Voice acting
  • Narrative

In Pick Your Potion, you are not able to move and space is very limited, so I made sure that every book, tool or ingredient that you were in need of was placed in a spot that made sense, were readable and did not block the player’s line of sight.

I also had to come up with a plan how to handle the options menu and the level selection system, while still having the player immersed in the game world. Since space in the gameplay area was getting really scarce, I solved it by having you start out on the bottom floor. To start a level, you drink a potion and you would teleport up to the gameplay room.

I also wrote a lot of recipes, what kind of potions the customers asked for and their weaknesses (e.g a vampire does not want garlic in their potion).